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Do you have a question you would like answered about St Catherine’s or is there an issue or a comment you would like to see discussed?  

The Wardens have a Q & A section in the Friday notices to answer questions so that everyone has the same information. We encourage you to call or email: 
Robb ( or 604 980 5012
Linda ( or 604 375 2272
Chris ( or 778 323 5706
with your questions and if we think that others would benefit from hearing your question answered, we will put it into the Friday notices.  We will always respond to your question, of course, even if it does not go into the Friday email notices.  
So please – send us any questions, comments or suggestions and we will post them anonymously in our Friday notices.  All questions will be posted on our website under News:  View Wardens Corner on Website News

  1. Chairs Arriving
  2. Gym use on Saturdays 
  3. Memorial Service Days 
  4. Removal of Pews and use of Pew Wood
  5. Pews News
  6. Changing Our Church Sign  (below)

 Q:  Can we change our new sign to add the word “Anglican” under our name? 

 A:  The St Catherine’s wooden sign made by Frank Willis had faded and warped. The sign was replaced a few months ago. The decision was to use the parish logo that was accepted by Vestry in 2019. To prepare for the new roadside sign, Parish Council debated whether we needed to add the word “Anglican” under our name and decided that since we also had the recognizable Diocesan sign that said “Anglican” nearby that we were sufficiently seen to be an Anglican Church.   

We heard from several parishioners who felt that the Diocesan sign was not sufficient to identify us as an Anglican church.  As a result, Parish Council has voted to have  “Anglican” added to our new sign.  Sometime in the next few weeks the sign will disappear and go back to the manufacturer and will reappear shortly thereafter with “Anglican” under our name.  

While we’re looking at signs, we decided our Diocesan sign is very faded. We have contacted the synod office and ordered a new brighter Diocesan sign. 

Parish Council also voted to add the word “Anglican” to our new logo. The change has already been made on our website, Friday notices (see above), and Sunday bulletins.